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Today we will take a look at the HTC 10 Camera. I’ve tested many newest flagship smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and iPhone 8 so in this video I will share my opinion about how it compares to all of those new phones. I will also talk about all the things that I liked and things that I didn’t liked in this camera. HTC 10 Camera has Ultrapixel technology, 12MP sensor with f/1.8 lens which is not very impressive specs on paper nowadays, but not the worst also - pretty average. When it came out in 2016 many reviewers said that HTC finally got closer to it’s rivals in terms of camera, but still didn’t convince most of the people with it’s quality.

There wasn’t many innovations, just properly made smartphone camera at the time. Now in 2018 this phone has latest Android 8.0 so all the camera software updates which could change something are installed. Autofocus in this phone is assisted with use of laser. I’ve mixed feelings about it’s performance. Sometimes autofocus is fast and I can’t complain, but sometimes it’s doing weird things - I can’t get it to focus on some closer object for example or it just focus in and out in the video. Standard autofocus which I have in my Galaxy S6 is little bit more predictable, but honestly it’s something that I can live with. More of a problem for me is minimum focus distance - you can’t make as cool macro shots like in all the other phones; iPhones and Samsung Galaxy. 

It has crazy far focus distance which was quite an disappointment for me because I like to shoot close-up of flowers and macro capability is very important to me. In terms of picture quality this phone was little surprise to me after testing all of those new devices and daily using my Galaxy S6. I am used to very saturated look and digtially sharpened image. HTC 10 however offers slightly different quality - it’s more balanced and has that more of a natural look to it. I have to say I liked it’s color accuracy and provided level of detail. There is less software processing with that characteristic digital sharpening found on my Galaxy S6 for example; what’s visible is all the details that this sensor is capable of reproducing. Photos have a lot of details; in this aspect this HTC phone can easily compete with todays smartphone probably thanks to it’s bigger pixels. Another interesting subject is that this phone has less noise and artifacts typical for most smaller-sensor cameras.

Colors are looking wonderful and natural - color differences and nuances is also not bad, but cannot match newest flagships, but that is problem in terms of dynamic range, not it’s colors. Unfortunately it has biggest edge distortions that I’ve seen on smartphone camera. It’s optics are to blame I think. In addition there is some lens flares when shooting in specific angle in front of light-source like here. Biggest difference between this camera and latest flagships camera like Galaxy S9 or iPhone 8 is in dynamic range - in all of those new phones HDR is working so fast like it’s matter of miliseconds and result is extremely intense - sometimes it looks unrealistic, but most of the time it’s really handy. In this HTC HDR is even more subtle and takes more time to process than in my 3 years old Samsung Galaxy S6, but still provides acceptable results. I just wish it would be little bit faster. Depth of field is also little bit suspect. It’s kind of small and blurred background often looks milky and not that impressive, but that may be due to that disappointing focus distance and edge distortions. 

Low-light performance is decent. Noise reduction algorithm isn’t very harsh and doesn’t generate some weird artifacts - it’s kind of subtle again. I mostly liked it’s colors; they are again very natural and balanced without some weird color tones. It’s optical stabilization and bigger pixels does the job. 4K videos taken with HTC 10 have a lot of details and they are sharp. I liked overall look - it’s again more neutral and not as oversaturated and oversharpened like videos from Samsung phones. Just like in photos dynamic range could be better; it isn’t as nice like in Galaxy S8 or S9.

However it’s not perfect for every scenario. Video quality looks very good mainly when you hold camera steady. In motion video quality unfortunately gets worse - there are little artifacts visible when moving. I will quickly pause video so you can see that. Stabilization in video is working poorly, also exposure control is very I would say nervous - constantly changing something with slight movement of the phone. Another thing is that camera sometimes miss focus. Outcome is that in comparison with for example Galaxy S8 - HTC 10 footage looks like it’s recorded with lower framerate.

In terms of video recording this phone seriously can compete with todays flagships (which by the way don’t impress me with their video quality), but in my opinion mainly with use of gimbal or tripod. With that you will get very satisfying quality - plenty of details. Overall I am happy that I had opportunity to test this HTC 10. It’s by far not bad camera at all. Even today it still has potential. What I like the most is how that camera is different from other phones - mainly t’s color accuracy. I think in this department it’s even better then some newer smartphones, but this comes to personal preference - few people may prefer this kind of results, few opposite. Sharpness and level of detail is on par with todays smartphones. Just that edge distortions and macro focus distance makes camera worse than it could - but still HTC 10 has great camera even now. Thank you all for watching! Tell me if you liked this video by rating I and subscribe if you like my content! Cya!


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